We print all our wallpaper prints on non-woven wallpaper with an acrylic top layer and a non-woven backing. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe. But, what does that actually mean? Non-woven wallpaper consists of several layers. With us, the bottom layer consists of an FSC blend that is non-woven, which makes it extra strong and makes it easier to apply to the wall. The top layer consists of water-based acrylic paint. As a result, the negative consequences for the environment are very small and it can cause no damage to humans or animals. Classic non-woven wallpaper often has a top layer of PCV with plasticizers; oily liquids added to make the wallpaper more flexible. And these plasticizers are harmful to you and the environment. Of course you want that Not have in your nursery! Other advantages of our wallpaper are:
  • Matte finish and smooth texture
  • Easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Neither stretches nor shrinks
  • Generally doesn't discolor.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • It can be painted over - but why would you want to?!.
Installing the wallpaper is easy. Simply apply adhesive to the wall and hang the paper. You’ll have the job done in no time!
No, you must wait a few weeks until the walls are completely dry.
<p>We use a delivery time of 5 to 8 working days. Please note: we are closed on weekends and public holidays.</p> <p>We print pattern wallpaper immediately after ordering and you can expect it to be delivered within 5 to 6 working days.</p> <p>Custom wallpaper takes more time. After your order, you will receive a sample of the wallpaper from us within 2 working days, based on your measurements and wishes. After approval, the wallpaper goes into production and you can expect it to be delivered within 5 to 6 days.</p> <p>As soon as we have shipped your order, we will notify you and you will receive a Track &amp; Trace code from us.</p>
With patterned wallpaper it is important that you order enough in one go. Due to the printing process, the colors may differ slightly per delivery. When in doubt, it is therefore best to order a little more.
Yes, super easy! Because you apply glue directly to the wall, you no longer need clumsy wallpaper tables. You can also apply the wallpaper 'butting' and slide it easily against each other. Anyone can do it!
Certainly! You can order a sample on each wallpaper page by clicking on the 'Order wallpaper sample' tab. This is free and without obligation.
Yes, once the wallpaper is dry it can be peeled from the wall. Do this carefully, as the entire panel may not come off in one go. If some wallpaper remains, you can carefully cut it off with a putty knife.
For the best result, install our wallpaper on a smooth and clean surface. Walls that absorb a lot of moisture must be primed first. If you have chosen wallpaper with a light color, opt for a white primer. Finally, do not apply the wallpaper to surfaces made of tinplate, aluminum or other materials that can rust.
Our wallpaper is made to measure so we can create designs to fit any wall size. Do you have a large wall (wider than 6 meters or higher than 3.5 meters)? contact to discuss the options.
It is best to measure the wall in different places, because no wall is dead straight. When ordering, specify the room height and width. We recommend that you order 3 to 6 cm more wallpaper than you need, both in height and width, so that you have enough slack.