About us

Sharing our wallpaper designs to help create a special place where your child feels at home. This is what we love to do!

Hello. We’re Sander and Mariska, creatives and proud parents of Anna and Hugo. After years of traveling, living, and working abroad we recently settled into our forever home.

We realized how important it is for a house to feel like a home and to create spaces where our children feel safe, happy, and inspired!

We started our own wallpaper design company with a vision of offering made-to-measure, customizable wallpapers that make everyone smile. Together, we can create a special place for your child that is as unique as they are.

Together, we will create the perfect wallpaper your child will adore.

About Mariska

Entrepreneur, mother, traveler and the creative brain at Walloha. It's my task to further expand and improve Walloha; for instance by adding new designs or updating our website. I'm always full of ideas and love it when they come to life. I love my job and can't see myself doing anything else!

I start my day with coffee (oat milk cappuccino, please), love running and listening to business podcasts. I can't sit still because I always want to be learning, reading, or planning for the future. Together as a family we like to travel to Thailand, on which we run a travel website: www.gotothailand.com.

About Sander

After being a teacher for many years, I've decided to completely change course with Mariska. We quit our jobs, sold our belongings and left for Southeast Asia to start a travel blog. And with success, because what started as a hobby quickly turned into my new job. Suddenly I was a photographer, blogger, social media expert, digital nomad and entrepreneur.

We continue this lifestyle – even now that we are back in The Netherlands and have a family. We use all the acquired knowledge for our new adventure: Walloha. Whilst changing nappies, playing soccer and running I compose and design wallpaper. I like a good challenge (sloping walls, complicated dimensions), so bring it on!

Bij het Khao Sok National Park
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