How it works

Our wallpapers are made-to-measure

Walloha wallpapers are not ordinary wallpapers. Every wallpaper design we produce is made-to-measure so can be installed on walls of any shape or size.

Most walls are not perfect rectangles. Walls have windows, light switches, ventilation grills, and sometimes sloping ceilings and unusual angles. With ordinary wallpaper, the pattern or design can get lost when fitted around these anomalies.

Walloha wallpapers are fully customizable so we ensure your chosen design looks perfect, free of charge. If your wall dimensions are unusual, send us a photo of the wall with the exact measurements and we’ll get to work!

Voorbeeld maatwerk behang ~ WallohaVoorbeeld maatwerk behang ~ Walloha

Free customization of your design

Every wall is different and so is every Walloha wallpaper.

Customization is our specialty. We can add or remove animals from your chosen design, mirror the design, combine two designs, or even change the background color.

The possibilities are endless and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your dream wallpaper.

(Most alterations are free-of-charge but for more complex design work we may need to charge a small design fee).

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