Walloha behang voor kinderen
Walloha behang voor kinderen

Wallpaper that WOWs

Looking for childrens wallpaper, and want it to be special? Something personal and designed specifically for your little one? We've got you covered! Walloha wallpaper is bespoke and custom-made, so it'll fit your wall perfectly. No wall nor wish is too big for us - we'll create something beautiful (guaranteed!). Ready to create the room of your dreams? Check out our wallpaper collection!

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We create beautiful and unique wallpaper for children

Hi! We are Sander and Mariska and design children's wallpaper that makes you smile.

All of our wallpapers are made to measure and customizable because we understand that no space (or child!) is quite the same.

Together, we will create the perfect wallpaper your child will adore.

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How it works:

1. Select your wallpaper

Choose your favorite design and specify your measurements.

2. Share your preferences

Let us know your preferences and we will send you a wallpaper preview.

3. Wait patiently...

The wallpaper is printed in The Netherlands and shipped within 5 working days.

4. Install and enjoy

Install your wallpaper and turn your kids' room into a dream room!

Voorbeeld maatwerk behang ~ WallohaVoorbeeld maatwerk behang ~ Walloha